Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Let's begin with introducing my blog, this is where I write about things.. Things that come up by chance in my thoughts and I feel like putting them down in text and since I'm quite bad at using text as my main channel of creativity bear with me, but this is why there is never going to be a proper title for my blog, since different topics will always occur. So feel free to comment on my somewhat controversial thought on occasion and enjoy my horrific writing.

This post has the title of PURPOSE, because I felt like it.

Purpose, It is something mankind will always struggle to find.

Purpose, we all want to find it(I hope), it is something that is hard to come by. Is purpose something we are meant to do? Like machines we are designed for one thing, but not shown what we are supposed to do, or is it just the feeling of belonging many a man is searching for, life may be just an endless search for home, belonging something that is sacred and valuable to ourselves so.

Purpose is often related to work, making money. Since our world today is all about making the paper then the idea of finding your purpose in life is void, since if you find yourself enjoying doing something(or even nothing at all) that cannot be monetized then whats the point of sticking to your purpose(or what you may think is what you are supposed to do)?


Friday, September 27, 2013

Grow some balls

People in our society are way to comfortable in their daily lives, the most daring thing they do is try a new dish once in a while IF even that. Coutless amounts of pussies roaming the streets never wanting to grow stronger and impove their daily boring lives by trying something new or getting into uncomfortable situations if they are not forced into doing so. Only when we are put into an uncomfortable situation are we forced to grow, to adapt, which is one of the best features in human beings, adaptation. Let's take a usual suspect, a college drop-out, living with his parents at home, too scared to go to a job interview because he would be putting himself into an uncomfortable situation, so he stays at home wasting his parent's money on weed and alcohol while rotting away being human waste for the rest of society.

Do yourself a favor, put yourself into uncomfortable situations more often, preferably once a day, it does not have to be a big thing, just talk to a random person each day and do things you feel likedoing, but normaly would not act on the impulses because it could be embarrassing or it would get you out of your comfort zone.

Too many people live their lives caring more about what other people think about them than how they feel themselves, it limits 'what you can achieve and express in your gray-scale world that is filled with colors if you allow yourself to turn up the hue-scale, the world is what you make it, but it is not yours to own, your life is.